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Originally called MD Accounting Services, AFD Consulting commenced business over 30 years ago. Initially the business only provided bookkeeping to SME’s, keeping track of accounting records, assisting with statutory requirements and preparing & filing tax returns. As the SME’s grew their business so their requirement increased and AFD Consulting continued to support them – managing debtors’ books, reconciling and payment of creditors, preparing payrolls and managing PAYE, UIF & other payroll related taxes. With the introduction of VAT, a natural extension of services provided the preparation and compilation of VAT returns.
Clients continued to grow in size and expanded in companies & AFD Consulting continued to expand the range of services to support their clients’ business growth. Services now also include liaising with SARS, auditors and other regulatory bodies.

Business growth brings other challenges and AFD Consulting started to consult on financial implementations, logistics, performance management, internal controls frameworks and provided recruitment assistance. Project management services are also offered.

Over the years AFD Consulting have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the following industries: Manufacturing, Wholesale & retail outlets, Building trade, estate agency, pharmacists, accounting for property owners, commission agencies, financial services (Life assurance), and transport services.

The business environment continues to become more complex and increasing requirements can often dilute focus on business growth and key drivers. Many SME's choose to outsource their Non-key activities.

AFD consulting will support your business as you grow providing services such as:

• Manage and/or perform accounting functions including debtors, accounts payable, VAT,
income tax and payroll etc
• Liaise with regulatory bodies such as SARS, auditors, DTI etc
• Implement and manage internal audit and other governance areas
• Assist with due diligence
• Provide guidance on corporate structures
• Assist with procuring finance

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